David J. Wade | Architect

Third generation Arizona native, David is a graduate of Arcadia High School and the University of Arizona College of Architecture. His 30 years of professional experience include commercial, office, retail, restaurant and resort and land planning projects. Currently David is specializing in providing full architectural services in the custom home market in the metropolitan Phoenix area.


Desert Architecture

Building in the desert environment requires a great deal of sensitivity to the conditions of the site including, topography, access, views, drainage, vegetation and natural features in order to result in a design that feels as if it is a natural part of the site, community and lifestyle of the client. This is achieved by paying close attention to scale, orientation, selection of materials and overall conditions of the particular site and making them work with the desires and needs of the client.

Details & Materials

The desert environment requires highly durable building materials which need to give both an aesthetic quality as well as a sense of permanence and integrity to a project. Detailing of the materials can contribute as much to the overall design as the materials themselves. Simple clean detailing in and of itself can provide texture, rhythm, scale and emphasis that brings a project together and enhances the entire design.